N.F.L Player

by: Jordan Baker

16 teams in the AFC and 16 teams in the NFC


Being a professional football player takes effort, strength, time and mental toughness. You will play football but still get payed. Playing football won't just be fun and games it will be your job.


You will need to be fast, strong, smart, and mentally tough.

Being fast plays a big part in football because, you could be fast and score touchdowns or fast and be able to block or tackle well.

Strength in football is vital, you will need strength to tackle, block, juke, and score. The stronger you are the harder you are to take down and the more successful you will be.

They say football is 10% physical and 90% mental. That's so true, you need the mindset that you will win and be great because, if you don't you're palready defeated.


I play football and that's what I wanna do with the rest of my life.


The only education required to play in NFL is at least 2 years of college. It doesn't matter what you study. Some big colleges that get their players in the NFL are Stanford, Texas, Miami, and Alabama.


You will need to be fit and in very good shape. This is a tough sport and you will need to be at your highest level.


If you get drafted in the first round you can make anywhere from 12-24 million in 3 years with about 7 million guaranteed. After your rookie contract, they can make you a franchise player or let someone else get you. Becoming a franchise player can get you anywhere from 70-100 million dollars with about 40 million guaranteed.


Getting in the NFL is extremely hard, but it can be done. There's very few openings just for random people in the NFL.  If you are a top athlete and play everything right in college, you have a great shot at being a pro athlete.


The main benefit is money, you get payed to play a great sport. You just have to perform well.


Pretty much any career that is a professional sport that gets paid well.

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