BVSW Library Newsletter
Fall 2014

Movie Producers Fill the Halls of BVSW

Our Digital Learning Center (DLC) has brought a new wave of innovation into the library. Teachers from almost every department have collaborated with us to use the iPads for a variety of educational purposes. One of our favorite features of the iPads is the ease in which we can now create and share movies. Students in Geography, Sports Entertainment Marketing, Spanish, Government and more have created movies with us. These videos highlight the targeted content, while assessing student learning through alternative means. This has given students the opportunity to showcase their creativity, which has proven especially beneficial for our students who struggle in the traditional classroom environment.  Watch some of our student productions by clicking the button below!

New Tech Tools

Here are some of our new favorite tools to recommend:

Post-It Plus – This app allows you to snap images of post-it’s the students have created and rearrange them virtually. Great way to upgrade an already created post-it activity and save it for future use.

Tackk- Create easy, multimedia websites and newsletters. We created this exact site with it!

Formative Assessment Tools - There are a lot of great tools out there you guys are using. Some of the great ones are iBuzzed First,Kahoot!, Nearpod, and Plickers.

AP Test Preparation

The end is getting near and we are here to support you! We have purchased study guides for your new curriculum. Currently, they are in our study rooms on reserve for students to use.

Also, reserve your time to visit the library and set your classes up with our TERC program to prepare for AP tests at home. They can take practice multiple choice and free response questions that will be graded virtually for them.

No plans over winter break?  No problem!

Come to the library to get a BINGO! card, and check out some books to take home with you over the holiday. If you get BINGO! (or blackout) bring in your board during the month of January to get a prize! We are hoping to promote reading for pleasure to both students and staff…what a great conversation piece to have with your students in January!  Besides, you can’t spend the entire break playing Trivia Crack.

Little Bits

Know students who love to create things? Play with electronics? Learn more about our new littleBits program by watching this video!

Planning Ahead?

We would love to collaborate with you on a project or research task during second semester! If you have an idea, even if it is just in its beginning stages, come talk to us, and together we can work it out! We are here to support you, and we want everyone to feel welcome in the library. First time? Don’t worry, we’ll be nice!

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