Progress Update

The Technology Committee has been working addressing the strategies for Technology identified in our 2012-2013 Action Plan. Since January, we have been focusing on the idea that in order to meet our primary goal of integration throughout the curriculum, it is necessary to provide the essential conditions that will facilitate rather than hinder this goal.

Currently, all classrooms use projectors on carts for sharing computer or Elmo content with students. Although Grades 2 & 3 have cleverly  managed a semi-permanent display, it is still not as user-friendly or efficient as a mounted system.

SmartBoards have been requested to replace the mimios for interactvity.

Upgrade your Classroom
for the 21st Century!

The Choice is Yours....

# 1

 60" LED Classroom Display

Zero setup, Always connected, Lights on!

The Future is Now!

# 2

Wall Mounted Projector!

Zero setup, Always connected, No training required!


1. Location, Location, Location!

The first choice for the LED flat screen display requires mounting on the bulletin board wall in your classroom. The bulletin board will be dismantled and re-used in the gym. Re-using the bullletin boards helps defray the cost of the new classroom display (by $400). This location is essential to provide space, power and ethernet connections, safety/ security of the display, and the needed counter space for the connected equipment.

The second choice for a mounted projector requires placement above the existing whiteboard. A nearby desktop computer (or laptop) will be utilized for the connection to the projector.

2. Connections:

LED DISPLAY: Computers will be connected via the HDMI cable which delivers both video and audio. No speakers required. A wireless keyboard and mouse will allow control of the computer from any location of the room. These devices can be shared with students for participation and presentation.

A video cable will connect the the ELMO so that it is available at all times. Just change the input source on the remote to switch from computer display to Elmo display.

For teachers using the iPad extensively in the classroom, a connector for the iPad will be available.

PROJECTOR: Aside from the computer, the Elmo will also be connected. A switching device for managing the display will allow instant changeover from computer to Elmo. Sound will be available via existing speakers or possibly via the new projector. A wireless Keyboard/mouse and iPad connectivity are also a possibility.

Kindergarten will receive the Projector for use with the SmartBoard being moved from 4th grade.

3. How to choose

You should make the decision for the display based upon the basic location requirement and teaching style. Both choices are focused on increasing technology integration using web-based resources and installed programs.  

For teachers using an iPad, software will be provided which will allow you to use an iPad like a interactive whiteboard. Students and teachers can use the touch and voice capabilities to control and contribute to the lesson at hand. For instance. in math class a student could demonstrate how to solve a particular problem. Not only can a student make their reasoning visible, but also add the recorded exemplar to a classroom library for later reference -- all in a few clicks.

In language arts,  communication and collaboration become an everyday occurence.

the class can participate in collaborative writing and editing, in a similar manner described above. In the upper grades, this could take the form of a shared Google Doc or through a discussion on Edmodo. With either display, communicating and collaborating with other classrooms using Skype or exploring the world on Google Earth becomes so much easier.

Hooking students into a new unit with streaming video from YouTube, BrainPop, PBS; using Smart Notebook lessons, or obtaining instant assessment of student   understanding using Google forms, is easier than ever with an always connected display. When paired with a teacher website that organizes these resources for instant reference, a 21st Century classroom is definitely in reach!

If these requirements for the Vizio display do not match your needs, then the Mounted Projector will still provide the always on connections that teachers have requested. The projector will generate a similar size display and interactivity described above. It really comes down to your preference and ability to meet the location requirements.

4. Implementation

Three units will be installed for this school year. Depending upon budget, additional classrooms will be upgraded in subsequent years for the device of your choosing.

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