Well my name is Brooke Davis i am  15  i love to dance i have been in  hip-hop for 6 years   i had just moved here in July .i am not  school smart  i am more street smart i have  two brother and one sister    .last summer  we went to Mercer to visit  some of my family .

Three things about me


i LOVE HIP-HOP  i have been in hip-hop for 6 years now  i don't just do hip-hop but i also  did jazzy and belay i did those bout for a years and a half  i was 9 when i started  and ever since then i have loved it i have a up coming  dance show   coming up in  June  cant wait .  


I love muddling  we go in the summer time all the time me and my  brothers usually   go with the  quads  all the time instead  of trucks i think it is way funner  ..


Babysitting is my job type thing i babysit when ever someone needs me  .. i have baby-sited  10  kids before because  the adults went out ..But i love watching kids  they are fun to be with  and that is my life if i am not at school .

My goals

my first goal is to finish this class with a passing  grade .                                                      my second goal would to get a job  as soon as i turn 16  so i can  help  my family out on are bad times .

my third   goal would be to finish high school and get my diploma  with a good job to support my self when i live on my own and don't have to rely on others .

And my last goal would be to go to collage  to be a nursing assistant or  a doctor  for the study of epilepsy   because  i want to learn more about my baby brothers  illness and see hoe we can make his life better in the future .

I would love to go to

I would love to go to new York city  with my baby brother because he wants to see the  big city  and i promised i would take him there when he and i get a little older .

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