Why You should live in Constantinople!!!-   You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.”

Daily life: My life in Constantinople is great, because it is safe and clean. In my time, life was based around the wall around our great city. Their are many jobs open to build to wall and i'm glad that our city has work for you if you are not even hired. If you like trading good this is the place to live because there is so many goods to choose from, I think that this city might be the best place for trading. Also our city is the most wealthiest city ever!!!

Building the wall

Government: Our government is the best in the land because it has Justinian the 1st as the ruler. Why is he so good you ask? well he has made  new bridges, public baths, parks, roads, and even hospitals, and even cathedrals/ churches!!! He even took back some of our old territory. He improved women's rights and made a systematic body of law(revised of old outdated laws).

Geography: Constantinople is the best location to build a city. One reason that is the best place to build a city is they're many trade routes connecting to our great city. Another reason is that our city has great defense because the only place to come and attack the city is the harbor , and it is very protected they could also attack on land but we have a great wall protecting our city. This is why our city is the best place to make a city.

Religion: If you love god than you better come here because Constantinople has built many churches. Religion is so important in our city that they literally combined it with the government. Also our liturgy is really great. We even make icons to worship god ( their so beautiful).

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