FIFA15ut double d1 wasteland experience

FIFA15ut double Cheap fifa 15 coins wasteland experience
First on the line-up map, as pioneers player I was in Serie lineup formation is relatively rare in 4231-2, mainly based on previous habits.

After some tactical set a lone striker and then I feel this lineup is also very good defensive position can be maintained better, but on offense without the ball through a lot can come out a lot of opportunities. A total of 69 games, averaging 3.43 goals, conceding 1.32, I feel satisfied. Striker Palacio 58 games 79 goals, Rossi 54 games 67 goals, feeling okay. My team has a lot of cheap players beginning, middle and gradually change, and like De Rossi, Barzagli and other expensive player is in the D5 after one to two players per season, with the bonus policy gradually introduced.

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