Midieval  Weapons

By: Dana Delgrosso

These are the weapons that the vikings used to fight in battle. The bow and arrow was used for hunting and fighting. They are weapons that were usually about 90 to 100 pounds. they were very popular for lower class people. A bow and arrow is an ark shape with a string attaching the 2 ends.when you pull back on the string with the arrow and let go, it shoots the arrow.Another well known weapon is a sword. This is a long, sharp blade made of metal used to attack enemies.A very short and stiff blade known as a rondel dagger is another weapon. This weapon is worn around your waist and can be used as a utility tool or worn in a battle or a jousting tournament as a side arm.There is also a medieval weapon called a flail. This is a spiky metal ball attached to a chain used to swing at enemies when attacking. There are so many other medieval weapons and I think it is so interesting to see all of the weapons that people used to use to fight.

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