Liam Payne

Makenzie Gross 2nd period

Liam with hair like silk,

Liam of brown eyes like chocolate,

Liam whose tattoos have a special meaning,

Is a boy with a voice like an angels,

Sings all around the world on his tour,

Runs with his band mates,

Wears purple and white plaid,

Performs in huge arenas,

Lives in a tour bus with his five band mates.

Liam surfs in Australia,

Dances like Usher,

Practices all day and all night to make it perfect,

because he likes to make the audience excited.

Liam inside that purple and white plaid,

Inside that heart of gold,

Inside those deep chocolate brown eyes,

Is an eight year old boy,

Talks with a thick British accent,

Loves his fans dearly with all his heart,

Stands on his hands on stage like a mad man,

Writes his signature for millions of girls,

Acts horribly on film.

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