Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front

(Founded as the Revolutionary Left in 1978, the name was changed in 1994 after infighting)

The Revolutionary People's liberation/Front, also know as the DHKP/C, is a Marxist/Leninist party operating in Turkey. Due to the assassinations and suicide bombings the DHKP/c conducts, they are considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, The U.S., and the European Union.

Most DHKP/C members are recruited out of high school and while it was very popular in the 1970's and 80's, the group has since been reduced to several hundred members. The group stills views the world as if it were the cold war with the goal of ending what they perceive as western control of Turkey. They want to achieve this goal by violent and democratic means.

The DHKP/C has killed several hundred people since its creation, mainly through assassinations and suicide bombings. The groups main targets are  retired military and intelligence officials. Some high profile assassinations include the killing of Andrew Blake, the former head of the British commercial union in Istanbul, and Ozdemir Sabanci, a prominent Turkish business man.

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