how to take care a hermit crab

by Nick R

If you like hermit crabs as a pet then follow these direction to help you take care of a hermit crab. Get shells of all sizes like big shells, small shells and medium shells. If a hermit crab get to big for its old shell it will get a new shell to move in. What hermit crabs like to eat is peanut butter, fruit and vegetables like lettuce, cabbage and carrot leafs. What hermit crabs need to live in a tank? You need a tank, 2 tubs one filled with salt water and the other with water and both of the tubs with a sponge. For hermit crabs to burrow and walk you need soil, bark and sand, a light bulb for heat. The hermit crab takes a bath or swims in the salt and drink the water. Here are Interesting facts about hermit crabs. They live for 30 years. You can find hermit crabs any were in the sea and the shore. They can grow big as a soft ball. They get their shells from snails. They get the shells empty then live in the shells. Hermit crabs burrow to mold new skin and burrow in the ground to get moist if it got to hot or dry on top of the tank. Always put a wet towel on top of the tank. Hermit crabs sleep in the morning. Never bother hermit crabs when molding or changing shell and when underground. Spray water in the tank all over. Now you are know how to take care of a hermit crab.

By Nick R