Heat and Temperature Tackk

By: Selly Lee

(Kinetic energy and Potential energy) -Kinetic energy is the energy possessed by a body because of its motion, equal to one half the mass of the body times the square of its speed. For example, kind of roller coaster.

-Potential energy is the energy of a particle or system of particles derived from position, or condition, rather than motion. For example kind of a ball on top of the hill.

(Physical arrangement in solids, liquids and gases. - Gases molecules are moving very fast. -liquids molecules are staying closer and moving fast. -Solids molecules are staying closer but moving slow.

(The difference between heat and temperature)

-Heat is a measurement of total energy in a matter and temperature is a measure of heat content of the matter.For example, heat's example is a person outdoors on a cold day loses body heat, Temperature's example is temperature may be measured in Celsius

(The different forms of heat transfer)

-Heat transfer have 3 differnet kind of things. First is conduction, convection and radiation. For example, radiation is heat from the sun warming your face, Conduction is touching a stove and being burned, Convection is boiling water. For example, radiation's example is X-Ray.





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