The Middle Colonies

The Best One Of Them All!!


About This Region

This colony is a perfect place to call home. There are so many good things here. We are the only colony that has a nick name due to our great crop. We also have great weather all year long, nothing too extreme where we lose our crops.

In this region there are four colonies. There is New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. You have plenty of places to choose from, and it is very open. The temperatures in this region is moderate. It does not get very cold or very hot. No extreme weather. This way you can always be growing crops. In this colony they have soil that is not bad at all. They grow mostly grains such as corn and wheat. Since they grew all of this wheat they were known as the breadbasket colony. This colony has many jobs that could be done, such as, shipping, cattle, grains, and iron. There is a good job that will be fit for everyone. This colony is by far the best of them all.

The soil in the "Breadbasket Colony" was great for wheat!!!!

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