Internet Safety

By Taylor c.

internet safety rules

  1. Don’t share your personal information with anyone ever!
  2. Never met someone you just met online and met them in real life they may not be who you think they are.
  3. Don’t post pictures of you or of anyone.
  4. Don’t respond to mean text’s emails, or pictures and don’t say anything mean back.
  5. Don’t send someone a mean text’s or anything like that.
  6. Go tell a parent if someone is bulling you.
  7. Help my parent’s understand the internet and how to check if someone is bulling me.
  8. Don’t do anything against the law.
  9. I will ask my parents if I could download anything on my devices or to call some body.
  10. https:// means a safe site and encrypted mean’s scrambled, and phishing is a trick for information.

Amanda Todd's video

these safety rules are important because they can keep you safe online. and keep people from kidnapping you blackmailing you etc. and unlike Amanda Todd you can stop your self from people from getting your information leaked. and for you and your family to be safe online. and tell your parent your passcode and username so they can check if someone is being mean to you. and always use http:// to know it is safe site.

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