Pronghorns are light brown and white with white strips on there throats. They have horns on there heads at the top of them they split to make prongs.


At night it can get freezing at night it's hollow hairs trap heat when it gets freezing at night

Pronghorns habitat

Pronghorns  habit is alluvial valleys by gigantic mountains and mesas. There inhaditats are grassland, bushland and desserts.

Fun facts

Pronghorns eat herbs, cacit and dessert grass. Pronghorns only have two toes on each of there feet. Pronghorns can run up to 70km an hour. They get there name from their horns because they split at the top to make prongs.

Pronghorns horns are really unique

Rapid prosses

The rapid presses is forest fires. What would die a bird. What would move a pronghorn, snake. Adapt mole, fox, snake,

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