Take the trip of  your life!

Did you ever want to see what it was like back in Ancient Egypt time! Did you ever want to see a pharaoh at the age 9! You can come on over a get the for $25 dollars per person or $125 dollars for a family of 5 if so call 1800-fun-days!

sweet ride!!!!!!

Ancient Egypt!

take a trip!

These two people will take you all over Ancient Egypt . Bring a camera because there can be exciting things! You will see alone the Nile river plants and flower. If you want some paper get some papyrus from the Nile river. The Nile river is a give and a take. They will take you to Cairo the capital of Egypt!! Also they will take you to the longest river in the world the Nile river wow!

hard at work.

hard at work in Egypt!

One place you can go and stay for your trip is king tuts hotel! they are clean and you will never have a problem with them. The place I would go to eat is the King Tut Tumors. They have the best food there the have

there drink where beer wine milk water all drink are 6:00 a piece.

bread 6:00

fish 10:00

berry st 5:00

all kids are aloud to drink beer.


take a ride on a camel!

People in Ancient Egypt got around on camel you can have one for your trip for only $100 dollars. if you want to rent it for the day it is $25 dollars. You might want to pack coal or eye make up to protect your eyes from the hot sun. pack a skirt even if your a boy. Don't pack any dark or you will be hot so pack white.

god/goddess !

be nice

Everyday the Egypt prayed to there god and goddess and if the did get it they will got to there statues and whack then wit a reed. But they know that they did not get everything but they did get some of the things.


The pyramids

If you go to the pyramids you might see the sarcophagus of  the kings in the pyramids. You can see one of the youngest king sarcophagus. The pyramids are in the city call Giza. The have 138 pyramids in Egypt. they put all of there kings in there pyramids.


watch out for the brain!?

It took up to 70 days to make one mummy.everyone can be mummies if they had enough money. Cats were also know to be sacrificed so they could be mummies to. The people of Egypt though that the king will return for an after life.The people that made the mummy took out everything but the heart.The had jar of the person corps that they just mummified.


This is the pharaohs!!!

The pharaohs owned all of Egypt. the have a lot of thing to do. There are 225 names of rules who knows to be pharaoh. The very first king was king Narmer. king tut became king at age 9 wow that is young. the pharaohs were considered one of the gods. The people had to do everything that the king wanted them to do.


This is the goverment!

these people were like the king but less powerful. The work with the king all the time. The help the king with everything he had to do.The were one of the top people in Egypt.  The had a lot of responsibly to do.They had work all the time i would be tired.

that's the end!:(

that's that end!

That' the end of the trip hope you had a great time in Ancient Egypt!!!!

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