My favorite five brands of logos

My first favorite  brands is Starbucks,I choose this  because it is Light and sweet.

My second brand is  Facebook because of I can chat with my friends ,family members and neighbors those living far form me And I get information like what is new in the world , fun things a lot of things I get .

The other is I like McDonald's  because of it is cheapest and most people eat It and it's equal opportunity for poor and rich people 's .

My brands lost me when they increased their prices on their sells And also when they didn't treat me like customers.

1 What do popular logos have in common? what makes them memorable?  Logos have in common the color ,shape and design .memorable things for example Starbucks the smile of coffee

2. If you were to make a logo for yourself,what would it be?

If I make logo for my self it would be look like bright and attractive .