Agents of Socialization

My family began teaching me about the social skills of the world for as long as i can remember. Honestly before I can remember they did. The understanding of socialization for human began at birth and continues till death. Children rely on their family to teach them how to act in public. Being a part of a family teaches people to work together for one common goal, to use your voice to speak up sometimes, to listen to others, to have responsibilities and do do things sometimes just to be nice. I come from a huge family so I learned not to be shy because believe it or not even though today I could talk someone ears off when I was little I was scared of my own family. I mean I do have a lot of cousins but it how to be social and talk to lots of different types of people.e My grandma (Mom-Mom) took everywhere when I was little because my parents divorced when I was so young my grandparents helped take care of my siblings and I. Well I was too young to go to school at the beginning so I went shopping  and all around town with my grandma essentially learning exactly how to behave in public. I remember my mom and I loved to watch Looney Tunes together and it taught me how to have good morals and not lose my head all from a cartoon.

Peer Groups

Surround myself with good friends and a lot of different types of people has helped me in so many ways. It's taught me to accept people no matter how different we seem from each other. My girl scout troop has greatly influenced how I interact with people. Volunteering and helping my community has taught me not only how give and not expect anything in return but also how to be thankful for being able to have the opportunities I have. My troop has taught me how to be a leader among younger kids. I often am in charge of helping younger girls in other troops at activities. Having young kids look up to me definitely has taught me to be apparent of what I do and say. Also Spongebob has taught me over the years to accept people and just be happy because you can be. surround yourself with good vibes and it'll all be good.

Mass Media

Beginning when we are all very young we start watching cartoons and cute little TV shows that have some value or moral to them. As we continue to watch the shows and get older we start to learn from the characters. We want to be like them because they are well liked and seem to be happy. As children we mimic a lot that'show we begin to learn so we learn to civil human beings. The mass media of children shows are intended to teach them how to literally be a civil part of society by showing them the right things to do like sharing, take responsibility, apologize and may other important manners and normal parts of everyday life. I remember when I was young how my sister and I would watch Barney and learn all about how we need to get alone and love each other and just to be nice to people.


Being involved in theater and choir has socialized me greatly. It's taught me to be flexible and have good time management if for examples I'm writing a piece I need to time it so i can memorize it and have it ready to go for class. I've learned to mange time and not procrastinate forever. Choir has taught me how to have mental toughness and stay focused in a big group of people. Being in the top choir has always taught me how to be a leader because other kids look up to me and I need to set a good example. School has taught me how to behave through movies as well. We watched magical school bus which taught me a lot about my body and just normal morals children need to be taught. School has taught me how to behave and interact with kids my own age. School has helped me become a normal everyday socialized lady.

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