Mobile Apps for an Elementary Classroom

Sushi Scramble

Sushi Scramble is and interactive app that allows students to practice spelling on their own (cooperative mode), or they are able to play a multi player option (competitive mode) which allows them to compete against each other.

The cooperative mode helps the student to practice basic phonics and word attribute skills. There is a challenge option that will have students create words that end in "y" for example, or ask them to create 5 letter words. These challenges continue to get harder and harder as the game goes and on.

The competitive mode allows the students to utilize the skills they acquired in the cooperative mode. Letters are offered in the middle of the screen that are each valued with different amounts of points. The players are then given a condition which must apply to the word they create. The players then race to create a word that will offer them the highest amount of points within the time limit.

This app is great to use in the classroom as it encourages the students to practice their spelling in an interactive manner. It also encourages fast thinking and a sharp eye.

Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge

Dragon Shapes is a great apps that will help teach students different geometrical shapes by having the student place different shapes together to create an image. This app offers many different levels that offer a entertaining way for the students to practice there geometrical skills.

The puzzles are set up to where they require different shapes to be changed around and fit together to create an image within a time limit. These shapes are easily manipulated and the puzzles are fun to do for all different skill levels.

This app is geared towards developing the students geometrical skills, and their logic and reasoning skills using shape definition and lots of puzzle practice.

Motion Math Zoom

Motion math zoom allows the students to "zoom" into the most interactive number line of all time. The interactive number line is made up of concrete objects that represent abstract number (Eg. Dinosaurs =1000's and amoebas =thousandths).

This apps offers 24 levels of multi-touch gameplay that give students the benefit of concretized learning. The different animals allow students to correlate the size of the animals with the size of the numbers they represent.

This app allows students to master place value from the thousands to the thousandths, and it also allows them to locate integers, negatives and fractions on the number line.

K-2 Mobile School Learning

k-2 offers books that apply to the ages k-12 . These library includes books that apply to common core apprehension skills that are generally the issue hen children have troubles reading. Each book has many optional features which provide the option of narration, record capabilities, and strong text to graphic relationships.

This website is also useful for teachers or parents, because when they log in, they are given both the reading and quiz statistics of each students.

Math Bingo

Math Bingo incorporates math skills and a classic game. This app asks students to solve arithmetic problems while aiming to complete rows and columns. This is an ideal app for the classroom as it not only encourages practicing math skills you are having trouble with, but it incorporates a new amusing tool to do so.

This app would be useful in the classroom as it will be an exciting activity for the students to do, and it will only help them in the long run.

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