Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was born in his mothers' parents' home at 216 Emory Street in Baltimore Maryland.

His parents names are George Ruth and Catherine Schamberger.

Babe Ruth died at 8:01 p.m.on August 16, 1948.
His father worked long hard hours in his saloon and his mother was often in poor health.

Ruth played for the New York Yankees, the Red Sox, and the Orioles.

Babe could be a role model because he was an MLB baseball player and he is good at baseball.

He played for 36 years.

He pitched 7 innings against Clevland and recived credit for 4-3 win.

Ruth often arranged bus loads of orphans to visit his farm in Sudbury for a day-long picnic and a ball game.

He retired in 1948, after that he went back to the hospital for 11 days. He got cancer in his liver, lungs, and kidneys.
He knew he knew he was dying.

Three adjectives to describe Babe are active, because he was a famous baseball player, young because he died when he was 53, and great because he was really good at baseball.

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