1) Forever 21

2) Converse - All Star

3) Payless

4) Sears

5) Foot locker

6) Walmarts

7) Aeropostale

8) Hollister

9) McDonald's

10) Toshiba

11) Windows

12) Facebook

13) YouTube

14) Adidas

15) H&M

16) Apple

17) Samsung Galaxy

Hollister and Aeroposite are my top clothes shop store because I love their Clothes, fabric and style, also their clothes seems to be my style. And I love their fabric, it lasts long and didn't rip that easier. But now, I keep changed to different branding because now they don't really have the clothes that I want to buy or like it. Also their clothes seem to be not my type of style and their fabric seem to be like regular fabric like other cheap stores.

Apple is my favorite technology brand because I like their apps and their products on the phone. I love their photo quality and more. But their price is so high that it start to made my interesting lost. On the other, Samsung Galaxy, I start to like them because they aren't that expensive like the Apple brand and they both work the same. But Samsung apps isn't that good as the Apple and the shape of the Samsung isn't that pretty then the Apple. Samsung photo quality isn't that good but both of them capture the picture wells as the same.

My favorite shoes brand is converse because they're light, easy to wear, thin and comfortable. I like the fabric of the shoes and how the shoes design it. I also like how they added the star on the back if the shoes is short but if it tall then it's on the side. But one thing that I don't like about converse is that they're too thin and when it winter, you can't really wear it because it will freeze your feet. On the other hand, I start to thinking about try to switch to a different which is Adidas because it seem popular and a lot of people wearing it. Adidas seem pretty and they're thick not like converse. I also like how they didn't use fabric to make their shoes but they use leather to make their shoes. Because if it's leather then the shoes wouldn't gets dirty fast and won't get wet when it's raining. Converse seems to gets dirty fast because it's fabrics. I will love to try Adidas if I happen to switch the brand.

Popular logos tend to have in common is big front of their brand name , some symbol to represent their brand name, difference style of name, the color of the name, shape, and their message to the people. What makes them memorable is by their name, the symbol of their products because it will be there and they always see it whenever they wear or saw the products, they will know right away that, that is the name of the products.

If I were to make a logo for myself, I will make clothes and shoes because I think those two things is the most important things to people needed. If you have the clothes and shoes that they like, you will make tons of money.