My Career

Kyra Fisher

I want to have a good career involved with art and music.

I want to be an artist in my career with a hint of other careers of music, science, and history.  I wish to be a Pharmacist if I don't get to be an artist that is what I will go for, or I want to teach History to students within the age of 12 an up. My career goal is to be very successful and graduate high school and I wish to get a Doctorate degree in college. With my career I want to help others, so there is another opportunity for my career choice. I love the idea of Egypt and all of its' history, I love to learn new things about the past and what has happened even before I was born. I love to learn about new species and new things that people find everyday that wasn't here before, an the whole idea of aliens is very fascinating to me because what if there really is something or someone out there watching us? We don't know if there is which is pretty interesting. I like to organixe things and put things in order.

I wan to have a career that involves the study of History
I want to have a career that I have good knowledge of science.

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