8.2 Reflections Assignment

Sarah Lamm - Math II - 2nd Period

Number 19

What would Leonardo da Vinci ask me to practice when writing a reflection?

Leonardo would probably tell me to work on my "n", "a" and "e."My writing isn't very fluid and it doesn't normal looking so he would probably tell me to work on my technique.

Why did being left handed help da Vinci write in a reflection?

People who are left handed are naturally programmed to write this was as it is more natural. It is a more natural motion for left - handed people. Additionally many left handed people have bad handwriting, so da Vinci may have wanted t avoid his bad handwriting by writing in a reflection.

Number 20

In this mountain lake reflection the water makes a perfect mirror image of the mountains and the sky above. If this was on a graph the horizon line (lake level) axis of reflection.

This reflection is a literal "mirror image". The girl looked into the mirror and the mirror created a reflection of her.

These two girls are twins. In the picture they seem to be a reflection of each other. Where the girls heads meet would be considered the axis of reflection.