Secret Life of Bees: Chapter 2

Chapter 2
1. Who is Avery Gaston?
2. What was his nickname and why was it puzzling to Lilly?
3. Who followed Gaston, Lilly and Rosaleen to the jail? Why was Lilly concerned? What was Rosaleen’s reaction?
4. At the jail, what was Gaston going to do with Rosaleen? What did one of the men who followed them want Rosaleen to do? What did he do to force Rosaleen to say something?
5. How was this jail different from what Lilly imagined a jail to be?
6. Why is Rosaleen so disappointed when Gaston comes back to the jail cell?
7. What was T.Ray’s reaction to the situation when he came to take Lilly home?
8. What did T.Ray think that Franklin Posey would do to Rosaleen?
9. How did Lilly respond to T.Ray’s threat about a punishment later?
10. How does T.Ray try to hurt Lilly in talking about her mother?
11. Why is Lilly ‘broken to pieces’?
12. How does Lilly finally comfort herself?
13. What was the religious moment that Lilly had?
14. When T.Ray comes back what does he discover?
15. How does Lilly decide where to go?
16. Who picks Lilly up along the way to town? Where is he going? Where does Lilly say she is going?
17. What lie does Lilly tell the Reverend? Why does she tell him this?
18. When they get to the jail where is Rosaleen? What does Gaston threaten Lilly with doing?
19. Where does Lilly find Rosaleen? What was her condition?
20. What does Rosaleen say happened after Lilly left?
21. What does Lilly tell Rosaleen that they are going to do? Why do they have to leave?
22. How does Lilly get rid of the policeman who is guarding rosaleen?
23. How do Lilly and Rosaleen escape being seen as they walk down the hospital corridor?

24. Why do you think that Rosaleen and Lilly have started using ‘bad language’ as they escape?


WRITING PROMPTS: Choose one of the following to write in your journal.