Internet safety

1. Safe surfing tips and advice about safety online:

-You should never give away your personal information like your address, phone number without your parents permission.

-Never go on a website that looks bad or gets bad feedback from.

-If someone bothers you you must tell your parents right away before it gets too serious and leads to bullying. If you have twitter or Facebook, Instagram etc never post "Tomorrow I'm going to Europe for 3 weeks nice to be out of the house!!" Because your friends could like it and then their friends would like it them someone could het it and say "Hmmm a house I could rob!"

2. Risks:

Many children get faced with threats from people online like: Kill yourself, your worthless, your ugly and they get bullied (cyber bullying). That makes you question your existence. Sometimes it goes too far and goes pat the law, into criminal harassment, uttering threats etc. And sometimes it goes as far as suicide.

3. Protecting yourself

-Always ask your parents first before posting something or texting someone some of your personal information.

-For privacy you should give yourself a chat screen name so you don't receive unwanted texts or emails.

-Never give strangers even little pieces of your information because they can put it all together and figure out your email and password.

4. Networking tips for teens

-Never meet up with anyone you met on the internet alone.

-Don't respond to a text that is mean or hurts you in any way.

-Never get involved with people who cyber bully.

5.Ideas related to safety

-Always tell your parents if you get cyber bullied.

-Ask your parents first before responding to a text from a stranger.

-Make a password that is hard that only you can remember so no one else can figure it out.

By: Ashlyn Morrison-McLellan & Hannah Ouellette-Schiess

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