A Cup of Coffee Revitalizes the Mind and Makes One Feel Alert

Early each morning I switch the percolator on and brew up a concoction of caffeine that cures anything from extreme drowsiness to the worst kind of Monday blues. As I wait for the coffee to be prepared, the rich smell of this heavenly infusion wafting about my kitchen makes me glad to be living another day.

A statement that one often hears is that the day just cannot start without a dose of caffeine. This statement definitely holds true for me; until I haven’t downed my daily dose I simply cannot walk out of the door.

A simple cup of coffee has the power to revitalize the mind and make one feel alert due to the stimulating effect of caffeine. Consuming caffeine regularly and within reasonable limits generally has no side effects and is actually quite advantageous as it induces a healthy level of consciousness.

However, the saying “an excess of anything is bad” holds true for caffeine too. It is known to contain organic compounds known as diterpenes. There are two kinds of diterpenes in coffee, namely cafestol and kahweol.Because of these compounds, unhealthy levels of caffeine consumption increase health risks especially the risk of heart disease.

Nonetheless, for as long as one takes care not to consume way too much, this warm beverage proves to be the best stimulant. It can be consumed at any time of the day, but one would do well to avoid caffeine intake at least three hours before bedtime. At night, a cup of hot chocolate is a much better alternative than coffee as it helps induce sleep as opposed to stimulating the mind.

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