The Maycomb Message

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-June 22nd, 1934

Tom Robinson: Guilty or Innocent ?

This has been a controversial issue for weeks now. This man, Tom Robinson has been convinced for the rape of Mayella Ewell. This is going around and is a big issue because this will be the first time a colored man goes to trial without a death sentence awaiting him. This lady ,Mayella Ewell claims that Tom Robinson had caught her, chocked her, and then took advantage of her. So the big question is , is Tom Robinson being falsely accused , or is the the reality.

Atticus Takes His Shot!

Word just in, Atticus Finch just shot a dog in his neighborhood , he said that he was driving through his neighborhood and his kids and Calpurnia were outside scared of the vicious looking dog just down the road. Atticus and his partner, Heck Tate, got out with a shotgun and killed the dog in one shot. There were a couple complaints a couple hours later because some people didn't like that there was an open fire in a public place. People are debating if this was okay or not.

Church News of the Week

Last Sunday Calpurnia, a colored woman, had brought two white kids she works for to a colored church. Jem and Scout, the two kids that went, later on realized that they didn't belong there do to the rude comment made about them. Later on Atticus, the father of Jem and Scout, found ou that they had gone and surprisingly didnt care.


As of today, It will be the one year anniversary of the Radley parents death. We are still wondering how this tragedy happened but all we can do is show respect. And hope that one day their son, Boo Radley, will come out.

The house of the Radley's

Also, Ms.Dubose has passed away due to overdose. Not very many people knew her, but she will be missed by the few that loved her.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Maycomb Message,my name is Miss Stephanie Crawford. As a lady of my age, I know all the news around the town and feel propelled to tell others about it. Now when I first heard this case I thought,"oh poor Miss Mayella having to go through something like this at such a young an early age." I was sitting in my rocking chair looking yonder and thinking about this case and saying to myself what in Gods name made Tom Robinson rape this young and innocent women. Even though I don't associate with Mayella's people, the accusation was too real not to believe. Most people in this town could not make up such a scarring story. I still can't even imagine what the Ewell's are going through, and what they gonna keep goin through during the trial. Bless their hearts.

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