Global learning made simple.

REAL Math makes learning mathematics an interactive and fun experience.

How many times have you been stuck on a math problem and just wished there was a better way to understand it?  How many lines of paper have you scratched numbers on, before finally arriving at an answer?  How much erasing and rewriting and confusion have you gone through, wondering if there will ever be a better way to learn?

If you’ve had high school experiences like us, you’ll be very exited to hear that we’ve finally come up with a perfect solution.

Hello, we’re Sean Cann, Connor King, and Gerard Basalla, and we’ve come up with a product that successfully merges algebra and technology to give students an innovative new way to learn.

Our product is called REAL Math, and it’s a website program that allows students to manipulate the numbers and variables of mathematics problems on the screen to solve them.  The students can simply drag the symbols around inside the problem until they work the problem down to the answer.  REAL Math will have programs that bring a much more interactive sense to math problems, particularly algebra.  These programs will be designed to be entertaining and educational, and will eliminate the tedious and often confusing paper aspect of mathematics.

Please help us to save hundreds, thousands, millions of students from the disorganized confusion of high school math worldwide.  Help tutors, teachers, and students thrive all across America and around the world.

With our ideas and your support, we can build a powerful company and improve society.

Thank you for your consideration.


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