Change is all around.

By: Nadia Amicarelli

I am surrounded by black walls,
a black floor,
in an empty room.
Nothing in it but a box and a key.
How do I get out?
I can't
unless I change.
but wait,
there is a key,
and there is a box,
but maybe if i picked up the key
and put it in the keyhole
and turned it to open the box..
But I--
I can't.
My legs see to be frozen into a gigantic block of ice.

We are faced with these issues of change.
I thought I could change the world
but people told me I couldn't.
I am way to young
much to ignorant.

But why?
Why can't I?
What is the difference between you and me?
Confucius was a child once.
Albert Einstein was a child.
WHY can't I change the world?
I may not be as legendary as them
but I can be.
If i stand up and say I can.

Even the tiniest seed will turn into a might tree.
But first it must take root,
it must change.

Trying to change feel like I'm in an empty room,
with black walls,
and black floors,
and no way to get out.

Maybe if I just stand up off the empty floor
and say I can.
I'll get out of the black walled,
black floored,
empty room.
And maybe I'll get to open the box of change.
No, I'm not talking about a cash register,
with money inside.
or coins,
made out of copper and silver.
I'm talking about changing yourself.
Into a stronger human being.
A person who stood up and changed the world.

See, change is everywhere
change is all around.
You just can't see it because you're trapped.
In a black walled,
black floored,
empty room.

Just stand up and say yes.
Stand up and find your key to open your box of change.
It's there,
you just have to say yes.
And look change straight in the eye and take that key,
and force it into the keyhole of the box,
and jerk the lock to open the box.
Which carries your change.
My change.

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