Career Research Project

Cole Hunzeker- Physician

Professional Requirements

1. Have good moral character with a clean background

2. Have to be at least 21 years old

3. Know how to perform general surgery

4. Diagnose illness and prescribe medicine

5. Obtain a license to practice medicine

6. Get board certified (Optional)

Educational Requirements

1. Receive a 4-year Undergraduate Education

2. After obtaining Bachelors go to Medical School for 4 years

3. Join a Residency program for 3-5 years to practice real life situations

Iowa State University

Iowa State University is in Ames, Iowa that has over 100 majors to choose from. It is a large college with 27,659 students in undergraduate programs. 68% of the students graduate within 6 years. It offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees and has a student to faculty ratio of 19-1. The average age of students is 21 and is a predominantly white school. There are more men than women with many being from the state of Iowa. There are many activities and sports offered. Most of the students live in dorms on campus. There are many requirements that require hard work, time, and effort.

Words I Live By

The words I live by are ¨Hard work pays off¨. My dad says this to me. The first time I heard and comprehended it was in fifth grade. This was my first year of actual football, and my dad would always tell me to go out and give it my all and everything would work itself out in the end. These words mean everything to me. In everything I do, I always give 100%. It means that if I give my all there will be a positive at the end of the day, year, month, or however long. They have helped me in every single one of my sports. I am competitive every practice, and it usually works in my favor. In school I give it my all to get the best grades I can because I know it will be worth it in the end. This motto can help me with everything in the future. I know when I work hard the end will play itself out.

My Role Model

My Role Model is my sophomore football coach, Mr. Harrington. He is my role model for many reasons. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to be a competitor. But most of all, he takes the time to know every one of his players individually. He isn't just a coach on the field. He is a friend. He follows every one of his players other activities and accomplishments and takes the time to talk to them about it. He has made a huge impact on my life. He would be the first one there if you needed to talk to anybody.

The reason I look up to him so much is because I realize how smart he is. He has taught me that you have to have a relationship with someone before you can decide whether you like them or not. This will help me in becoming a physician because I realize the importance of being close to every one of my patients. He taught me to be self-determined and to work as hard as I can. I respect Mr. Harrington completely. He has taught me many skills in football as well as in life. He influenced my competitive nature, but most importantly taught me how to be a good human being.

Physicians promote rather than provide

Reading the article "Doctors Are Meant to Prescribe, Not Promote" , by John Gapper, has made me realize that I would like to be an honest physician putting others needs before my desires. Physicians recently have turned to promoting big brand name drugs in the place of cheaper drugs that have an equal effect. Many Doctors and sales reps get individual bonuses depending on how much of the drug they sell. It has been argued to be a positive because of its patent protection. But realistically people are just paying more for the same drug. GlaxoKlineSmith decided to stop paying the doctors for this practice. Many international industries are following suit and will help industry reforms. (Gapper 1). I would rather give the patient the best drug for them rather then give them one that is almost the exact same that costs twice as much. I want to help people not hurt them in any way. Many physicians take bribes from big companies, but I don't understand why they any extra money with how much they already make. They definitely get paid enough to make a good living. They just turn to greed. I would like to become a physician that everybody can trust and can help them.

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