From integration to inclusion

Making the paradigm shift

  • E-learning trends are fundamental to provide inclusive education. Children with special education needs can use e-learning in order to stay in regular education in stead of being transferred to special needs schools.

What tools can we use?

A brief overview of the new possibilities offered to education by e-learning 2.0 applications and services has been proposed. We have sought to demonstrate that, thanks to e-learning 2.0 technologies,“all” students are offered a number of new opportunities that can have a positive impact on their learning: they can easily communicate with each other and with all the other actors in the educational process (teachers, schoolmates, mentors etc.); they can participate in lessons and classroom events at a distance, and they also have the chance to study, work and perform educational tasks not in isolation but in cooperation. Such new technologies also offer significant new possibilities for individualizing/personalizing learning activities according to the specific needs of each single student.

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