Grade 5 ☆ DigiArt Show

Presented By:
Mrs. LaMarca (Art Instructor)
Mrs. Houser (Technology Instructor)

The DigiArt show will highlight our talented 5th grade students
in the following classes: Mr. Balint, Mrs. Henin, Mrs. Burnfield,
Miss Nelson, Mrs. Sturtz, and Mrs. Smaldino

You and your class are cordially
invited to "walk through" and
view the DigiArt Showcase.

Monday 6*1*14
Tuesday 6*2*14
2:30 pm until 3:25 pm
C109 Mrs. LaMarca's Art Room

Over the last several weeks fifth grade students have been working very hard in both Art and Technology class to finish their capstone projects. The students first choose a theme to base their creations upon, then designed a set of Artist Trading Cards in Art Class. Once the students completed the deck of cards, they took digital photos, uploaded them to their Google Drive, and used the image as part of a Graphic Display created in Google Drawing. The final component of the project came alive through the use of the many digital tools taught this year. Through the use of tools such as, Thinglink and Voki, streaming services like You tube and SoundCloud, and extensions and apps from the Chrome Web Store like, Techsmith's Snagit and The QR Code Generator; the students made their Graphic Displays interactive. Finally, students adhered the  QR codes to their cards and traded with each other. Now, one can scan the QR code on the back of a card to view the digital portion of the project, see the rest of the cards in the series, and found out why the artist chose that particular theme. The students also added the projects to their Digital Portfolios that were created earlier in the year using Google Sites and wrote a reflective blog post about the project. To learn more about these great tools and view the projects, please join us on one of the days and times listed above. Click the link below to see the hard work in action!

QR Code Scanner for Android Devices

Apple Products (you're on you're own) ;)

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