New Delhi,India 1930

The setting of Gandhi is New Delhi, India because in the text it said "Gandhi thought that solving problems with violence was wrong."
"It also wrong,he believed, for his country, India,to be rule by the Great Britain. India was poor they hated to be treated with disrespected. The British took over India. They started to be in charge of the India people. Gandhi tried to stop all of this mess. The British men started to rule India. Gandhi used his words to stop the British men. He went through a risky path to get freedom. India was Gandhi's home. Gandhi's quotes were "Next to air and water,salt is perhaps the greatest necessity of life." Gandhi went to a lot of places. He started at Sabarmati Ashram. He end at Dandi. Gandhi died by a gun in 3 feet away. There where 3 gun shots. The British men want no freedom. After Gandhi died India people got freedom. That is my setting and that's how Gandhi got freedom.

- India has different languages. There languages are Hindi,Tamil, and Telugu.  

- In India they have 1,220,800,359 people in India.

-  In India women where saree.(sarees are long fabric)

- India holiday is republic day (it's on January 26 that's there national holiday)

This is India's flag!

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