Registered Nurses

I want to be a Registered Nurse for my career. A Registered Nurse cares for patients who  are ill or injured. As part of a team that includes doctors and therapists. Registered Nurses work in a variety of settings.  

The education level requirement to become a Registered Nurse: you should have a high school diploma or GED, graduate from a nursing program, complete supervised clinical work experience, have a license, and also it's better for you to have a bachelors degree in nursing.    

Salary of a Registered Nurse can be very different depending on your position and education level. Annually the pay is between $50k-$100k. Monthly it's between $5k-$10k. And hourly it's between $25-$50.  

Some benefits of being a Registered Nurse: you get paid vacation, sick leave, and health insurance, many employes also offer child care, education benefits, and bonuses.   

The future outlook for this job is very good. The annual openings are very high and are expected to get even higher as the years go by. The percentage of occupations is 15.4 that is great because thei

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