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This is the flag of Chile.
  • Chile is proud and friendly and they are always protecting their traditions.  Add to all this the mysterious  statues of Easter Island and a 4hr. flight away out in the Pacific Ocean.  One third of chile is covered by the Andes Mt. In the middle of Chile is a desert called Atacama desert it expands to at least 700 mile  long (1127km).

Climate and Weather conditions of various time of the year
.there are 4 months that have averege high tem. greater than 80F. the warmest month of the year is Jan. the averege high tem. for this is 86F. December,Feb., Mar. all have aveger high tem. greater than 80f. the warmest months in North America are the coolest in Chile. They are June the averege high tem. drops to 57F. July, June, August are the coldest months. July the low average tem. for July is 37 degrees. August and June there avegere low tem. is 39 degress. Even during the months that have warm tem. are still chill in the evenings.

What kind  of houses do Ecuadorian  people live in? transportation there?

Their houses aren't that great but most people live in hotels or mansions but also they are all rich there.transportation there is bus,subware,tax service, car rental.

Arts and culture of Chile

Museums and natural science

museums and natural science are basically full of arts that artists achievements of Chile As well as the Museo de  Colchagua primary focuses on artifacts and Native American. The Convento y Museo de San Francisco in  santiago  is home of fifty four paintings in Chile that came from Chile in the 17th Century.


In Chile their is a lot of Sea food

Outdoor Recreation

They most popular sport is soccer

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