My summer

The best summer so far

This summer was amazing. I mean it started off kinda slow and all I was doing was working just trying to save my money. After about Three weeks of summer Pat had this couch from the UK who was also currently a professional soccer player in the UK. His name was euros. Pat had him come to America and for 4 hours every day for a week he couched us on how to be a better team he couched us on how to do different skills and he gave us a different was to look at soccer. during the time the we ware not practicing we would do to dinner to the mall or the movies to show him around Arkansas. After the camp was over my mom agreed to let me get my first tattoo and she said she would pay for. So i got my first tattoo in the upper center of my back. I did not want to get something stupid so i got a cross. After that I went to Galveston Texas with some of my older friends and we went to the pier on the ocean. when we are on the pier all we do is fish and we ware catching a

lot of cat fish and drum but in about the middle of the day I cough a 4 foot black tip shark. After i cam back from Galveston i was in town for about a week and then I went to Dallas to train with the professional soccer team FC Dallas for about a week. in that week we trained for 8 hours a day. I lived in a hotel and all my meals were payed for. In the middle of the week i got to watch FC Dallas play and it was amazing. over all i would say I had a pretty good summer.     

  • high School training camp with Euros
  • First tattoo
  • Shark fishing
  • Professional training with FC Dallas    

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