The Moon's Importantce

Morgan Brown
2nd hour

The Moon's Role

The moon has a very important role. It gives us our spring and neap tides. It also gives us our eclipses. There are six moon phases. They are new moon, waxing crescent, 1st quarter, waxing Gibbons, full moon, waning crescent, 3rd quarter,and waning gibbons.

The reason that we have the moon phases is so that way we can track the moon. Without the phases we wouldn't be able to track it. We also use the moon to make our calendars. Because that is how they are made, is by using the moon. It also determines when we have the next eclipse is going to be.

The moon also effects our tides. The moons rotation has a gravitational pull. Which pulls the water, and pulls the water. So depending where the moon is around the earth that is what makes our tides. The tides are very important to some people, like fisherman because on a low tide they can't do their fishing.

The eclipse are important because they effect our moon phases. There are four every year. They can either be a total eclipse  or a partial eclipse. There is also a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. The lunar occurs when the earths shadow is casted on the moon. Where as the solar eclipse is when the moon casts a shadow on the earth. The partial eclipse is when we get part of the moons shadow, it is when we are in the preumbra. And with a total eclipse we are in all of the moons shadow and we are in the umbra.

Moon's importance

The moon is very important. We would not have our tides and our waters would be still. We also wouldn't have our phases to make a calendar of our days. We wouldn't have our eclipses. The moon is really important because there are a lot of things that the moon can do.

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