1950's Movie Reviews

Mrs. Church U.S. History 11


Now that you have watched your movie, it is time to critique.

Requirements for FILM REVIEW: The 1950’s World

• Note: Write this review as if you were trying to convince

someone who has not seen the movie to either see it or avoid

it, and NO SPOILERS!!!

The review must address the 50’s era as its point of reference – 10pts.

These are things you need to include:

1. A title (headline for your review) – 5pts.

2. The names of the main actors and the names of their

characters (top 5 actors/characters) – 10pts.

3. A summary of the plot of the story (without giving away the

ending) - 10pts.

4. A theme (or moral) of this story and how relates to 1950’s realities – 10pts.

5. Give the “audience demographic” or who would like this

movie – 10pts.

6. Your opinion of the movie as a whole (include details you

thought were interesting or awful as well as how well it portrayed the era). – 10pts.

7. A score/rating system (other than “two thumbs up”) – 5pts.

8. Include a very short biography of yourself at the end – 10pts.

Extra credit – If you include a clever “pun” in the TITLE OF

YOUR REVIEW, I’ll give you an extra 5pts.

- If you decide to type it, I’ll throw in another extra 5pts.

9. Presentation: You will read your review aloud and if class wants to hear the end, you may present it then. – 20pts.

Total possible score (not including extra credit): 100 pts.


Note: DON’T FORGET that movie titles are written within “quotation marks!”

HEADLINE: Include the title of the movie (try to use a pun!)

PARAGRAPH #1: Introduce the movie by stating that you’ve just seen

this movie and would like to give an opinion about it. Mention a couple of

details that might help the audience understand what type of movie you are

talking about.

PARAGRAPH #2: Summarize the plot (story). Where and when did

it take place? Who are the main characters? What is the story about?

Remember, do NOT include spoilers and do not tell how the story ends!

PARAGRAPH #3: Talk about the actors/actresses and discuss who did a

good job and who didn’t. Perhaps how they did or did not encompass the 1950’s.

PARAGRAPH #4: Talk about what you liked about the movie and what

you didn’t like. Be sure to include specific details and scenes and how the film related to the era.

PARAGRAPH #5: What lessons did you learn from this story (theme/

moral)? What do you think others will learn from it?

PARAGRAPH #6: What group of people would like this movie? Who

would you recommend it to? Who would you not recommend it to? What’s

the MPAA rating of the movie (G, PG, PG-13, R, etc…)? What is your final

word on the film: Is it good or bad?

RATING SYSTEM: Give the movie a score. You can do grades

(A,B,C,D,F+ or -), stars (*** out of *****), numbers (3 out of 5) or

something totally original… just don’t use “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.”

SHORT BIOGRAPHY: Explain who you are, what your school level

is (freshman, junior, etc.), your job (if you have one), sports you play and

interesting things you like to do. Talk about yourself in the “3rd person,”

that is; pretend someone else is writing the bio about you.

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Austin Rose
US History 11
Moview Review
I recently stopped by the old drive in theater to see the movie that has been dubbed the best musical of all time-“Grease.” This film has been called amazing, magical, happy, energetic, and I have to say that I agree. “Grease” takes place in Venice, California during the 1950’s. John Travolta stars as Danny Zuko, Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsson, Stockard Channing as Rizzo, and Jeff Conaway as Kenickie Murdoch. These High school students go through friendships, adventures, and romances that are explained through the amazing singing and dancing they do. “Grease” is about the struggles of being a high school student in the 50’s. I thought that all the actors and actresses did a very good job at portraying their characters as well as portraying the 50’s for high school students. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-Johns’s performances were truly amazing, they both played the part well and I couldn’t imagine any other actors doing their part. Both are amazing actors. I have not one complaint about the movie “Grease.” Im not a huge fan of musicals but I really did enjoy this one. The clothing, architecture, and vehicles also fit the part for being in the 50’s. I didn’t learn much from this movie except that if you were a teenager in the 50’s, it was a good time. I would recommend the movie Grease to anyone who likes Romances, musicals, and movies that have good choreography. If you don’t like these type of movies then I can’t recommend this movie to you. The MPAA rating of “Grease” is PG-13(For sexual content, profanity, and violence.)\
I give this movie an A
Austin Rose is a Junior at Boise High School. When he isn’t watching movies he enjoys being in the great outdoors hunting, or riding dirtbikes and ATV’s

2 years ago

Amber Baker
Ms. Church
U.S. History 11
Period 4
“The last picture show”
I’ve just seen the movie called “The Last Picture Show” and I would like to share my thoughts on it. This is a movie set in the early 1950’s and supposedly represents what life was like back then. It’s definitely not what I imagined it would be about, and it’s definitely supposed to be rated R.
The story is set in 1951 to 1952 and it’s about a rich girl named Jacey that all the guys want. She is going steady with a guy named Duane, but he doesn’t have a lot of money. At Christmas Sonny starts an affair with a depressed married lady named Ruth Popper. Jacey gets invited to a naked indoor pool party, and this guy won’t have sex with her until she isn’t a virgin anymore, and the movie gets worse from there.
The acting in general was horrible. Seeing Cloris Leachman who play the married lady was uncomfortable because I’ve seen her in the TV show “Raising Hope”, but in raising hope she is old. This made the movie even more disturbing to me because in her young face her old face kept flashing in my mind and who really wants to think about the elderly having sex? Certainly not me.
This is the first time I’ve seen a movie that made me physically Ill. The acting was forced and the reactions were unnatural. Nudity and sex scenes seemed to happen every five minutes, and my mom decided to pity watch this movie with me. (So awkward!) However, after the first painful hour of the movie I became kind of numb to it all and it became a monotone “oh, they are naked again”.
This movie did make me think about one aspect of history that I sometimes ignore which is, man, people have always been fucking each other. Which reminded me of the song “The Bad Touch” by the Bloodhound Gang (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xat1GVnl8-k). By watching this movie I learned what it is like to feel ashamed of the human race.
What groups of people would like this movie? Well that’s easy, perverts and sadists. Though, the sadist wouldn’t watch the movie they would find some unsuspecting person and find a way to force them to watch it. Effective methods would be duct tape or making it a graded assignment that’s worth a considerable amount of points.
If I were to rate this movie on a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best it would be a negative number because this is the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.
Biography: Amber is a 16 year old junior at Boise High school. She has many hobbies including soccer, art and piano. She is passionate about learning about other cultures, and is planning to travel the world. Amber is interested in the ideas of Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Zizek, but her greatest inspiration is her late Great Grandmother who she refers to as “the most beautiful person she has ever known”.

2 years ago

Tinker Taylor Soldier What?
Whose looking for a 1950s mystery for this Saturday night, well I have just the right one for you. “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” is a new rendition on what could have taken place a mere 45 years ago during the Cold War. This thriller takes you through the perils of George Smiley, a member of the British Intelligence, during a time where an agent is suspected to be working for the Soviets under the British.
“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” is set in the 1970s during the time of the Cold War. George Smiley and Control, both retired espionage agents for the British Intelligence, are asked to go on one last job. This job is spurred by an accident earlier in Budapest, in which important intellect was to be bought pertaining to the Soviets, though when one of their own gets shot dead on the scene, suspicions arise about a certain “mole” within The Circus: British Intelligence. A helpful agent, Peter Guillam is key in uncovering the secret identity of the “mole”, which suspects are named Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, and Spy. His connections with an accomplice, Rick Tarr, prove to be pivotal in solving the mystery when Tarr’s story led to many clues. The story takes place in Britain and includes a scene from Budapest.
Gary Oldman didn’t seem to embody his character, George Smiley. He made each movement somewhat stiff, which aged his character, and took away some depth to the character. Benedict Cumberbatch however gave an exceedingly excellent performance with his character, Peter Guillam. Because Guillam was head of the violent division within The Circus, he had to be an astute powerful though dainty man. Cumberbatch grasped this persona and revealed his skills on the screen, adding to the plot and making the story more and more realistic. Similarly to the 1950’s, women were not a focal point in the movie, although Svetlana Khoschenkova did a phenomenal job with her character, Irina, Rickey Tarr’s lover. Men were the obvious brute and mental force. Toby Jones as Alleline and Colin Firth as Bill Haydon played strong representations of the masculine mentality of the 50s. Both being suspects of mole, the men actors embodied a secretive mentality. Being a movie set in the 50s, it portrayed the era very well. Typewriters were incorporated along with a scribe who wrote down conversations from telephone to telephone of importance.
The film was a little slow for my personal taste. Although, there were gruesome killings, the movie lacked in action, for my taste; the movie’s meat was held in each line spoken by the characters. The interpretations of each character were spot on: the way that Smiley held himself, the mystery and ecstasy that Irina revealed, and the intensity of Peter. I especially enjoyed the use of language circa 1930-50, one example being a “Calvinistic penny pincher”. I also took pleasure in the dated joke by a young Jim Prideaux, referring to the hunchback of Notre Dame. Nowadays, children would not even think to make fun of such an outdated story.
Being a mystery film, there must be some motive to the questioned act. In this movie, information acts as an angelic key. With the right information, people were killed on the spot and with the false information, the same. “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” projects a strong theme about the importance of keeping information safe because if it gets into the wrong hands, you may not get shot, but unlucky things may come your way. In relation to the 50s, alliances and information traveled fiercely around Europe and all over the world, which consequently led to a series of wars.
“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” is a realistic fictional mystery, intended to engage an intelligent audience. The storyline is a bit tricky to follow at points and as with all mostly verbal films, the characters would mumble at times. This being said, I recommend it to a mature audience who can appreciate the past and maybe even reflect on what has changed and what has not. I do not recommend this to people within high ranks of the British Intelligence or younger children. Therefore, respectably, being a “Hollywoodized” film, it is bound to be at least slightly inaccurate, and the movie is a long two hours if you are entertained by action packed cartoons. The film is officially rated R. I personally would rate it 2.5/5 because parts of the film seemed unnecessary to the main theme and even the entertainment value. It could have been shorter, while still conveying the same message but in a more precise manor.

Lily Kim is a junior and currently involved with sports both inside and outside of school. Frisbee and volleyball occupy much of her free time. She is also an avid violinist in her high school. Lily enjoys exploring the outdoors with friends though doesn’t mind the occasional lone journey.


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"West Side Story" Review


"West Side Story" is an adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet" only instead of a gmail feud keeping the lovers Maria and Tony apart, it's a gang feud. Jets against Sharks, whites against Puerto Ricans. Maria is the sister of the Sharks' leader, Bernardo. While Tony is best buddy to the Jets' leader, Riff. Together the two of them have to find a way to be together in the midst of this race based and power based hatred. Though the message of the story was an over all good one, I wasn't all to satisfied with the miss representation of Latinos or the fact that the only actress who was Latina was Maria's friend, Anita.
Being that the movie was made in the late fifties early sixties, I think they represented that era of baby boomers pretty well. On the whole I'd say the movie was okay. I'd give it 3 out of five stars. And would only recommend it if you like musicals.

PhyaLily Montaño was born in Boise, Idaho on the first of October 1997. She enjoys cooking, baking, sewing, swimming and camping (among other things). She has two younger siblings and one little stepsister.

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Liliana Franco


Far From Heaven



Cathy Whitaker - Julianne Moore

Frank Whitaker- Dennis Quaid

Raymond Deagan- Dennis Haysbert

Sybil- Viola Davis

Eleanor Fine- Patricia Clarkson


Cathy is the perfect 50s housewife, living the perfect 50s life: healthy kids, successful husband. Then one night she surprises her husband Frank kissing another man while bringing him dinner, and everything gets out of control. With all the problems she is going through, she finds consolation and hope in a African American friend who works as her gardener, Raymond - They start meeting and suddenly something sparks and it makes cathy feel happy and enjoys sharing her time with Raymond. Still Cathy and Frank's struggle to keep their marriage going,but the reality of his husband being homosexual and her feelings for Raymond open a painful, future for the perfect couple…


It clearly explains how couple acted in the 50s and how they had to do as society said. In the case of Cathy she fell in love with a man who was African American and people began to notice and judge for even having a conversation with the man. In this time period homosexuality was also treated as if it was a sickness and you had to go to therapy and even consume some medication to even consider yourself normal. The 50s were filled with both happy and some not so happy feelings as portrayed in this film. Happy because she was living a life that other housewives envied and she had a healthy and young family, but on the other side was a family who need to go through the rough times.


I really thought the movie had some good thoughts and it symbolized more if you really thought about it. I loved the fact that in the beginning the family was eventually normal ,but by the end of the movie the family was all separate



2 out of 5 …….. it was the MOST boringest movie i have ever seen! ….(I had to take a break in the middle of the movie to relax because it was so slow and nothing really happened) Overall i thought it was okay could use some action, but it did explain the average 50s life very well.


My name is Liliana Franco and I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. My parents have huge background differences as my mother is 100% Mexican and born in Guadalajara while my father was born and raised in Bilbao, Spain. I enjoy playing Violin and guitar. I am currently a Junior and attended Boise High School. Some interesting things about me is that I can speak English, Spanish , and some French. I know how to play 3 instruments and I am the owner of 3 Holland Lop Rabbits.
🐣 🐇 🐰 🐥

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