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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

In the beginning of the year I would describe my writing as not specific, just in general, not getting the main Ideas. Now I would describe it more informational, getting the main ideas out and more creative. My writing strengths now are getting lot and lots of detail out of article or what ever I'm reading. I've noticed that I write tons of detail on essays or summaries, but sometimes I don't write  at all about the topic, just some random detail about something else. Next year I would like to learn how to write smaller, but still giving detail out the topic so I don't need to write paragraph and paragraphs about something. I like a lot thing about this novel like how S.E. Hinton describe the problem, setting characters and just how she wrote it. This book may not be very long, but it tell lots and lots of details about everything like the characters.


The Outsiders/Hero’s Journey                                                                     Juan Aguila

5/6/14                                                                                                                 7th period

When most people think about Heros they think about superheroes like super man, Spiderman and more. A Hero that has super powers and defeats evil and bring justice. When all of these thing are combined they create a superhero.On the other hand this isn’t the only kind of hero. A hero thats name is Ponyboy Curtis. A normal simple boy that's trying to figure out where he belongs. Even Though Ponyboy Curtis may not have super powers to go on a Hero’s Journey and in return bring back a very special gift. In the realistic fiction novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton the main character Ponyboy Curtis goes on a Heros Journey because he travel through the three required phases of a monomyth.

Ponyboy experiences the separation from the unknown when Johnny kills Bob with a switchblade because the Socs were drowning PonyBoy. Ponyboy and Johnny leave town because when Ponyboy came to the house late Darry slapped him across the face and thing just got a lot worse. The Socs found them and started to drown Ponyboy, but Johnny fought back with a switchblade. Pony narrates, “Bob, the handsome Soc, was lying there in the moonlight, doubled up and still”(56). Pony responds, “You really killed him, huh, Johnny?”(57) In the Hero’s Journey, the separation from the unknown is when the hero Ponyboy receives a “call to adventure” is when Darry slaps Pony across the face. Pony was furious because nobody in his


family has ever hit him, he turned and ran. Darry said “ Ponyboy, I didn’t mean to!” Which meant that he wanted him back and so for Pony and Johnnys justice they both ran away. In the Outsiders, After Darry hits Ponyboy he and Johnny run away and leave town. Then later they realized that they made a huge mistake. When they leave home Pony and Johnny are found by some Soc. Johnny and Pony then figure out that they didn’t come here to hurt them, but to drown Ponyboy! While Johnny was watching Pony drown he looked defenceless. Then out of nowhere Johnny pulled out his switchblade and killed Bob. After that act they both became fugitives.Which led them to go to Dally for help. If they would have somehow got caught Johnny will be put in the electric chair and die and Ponyboy will be sent to a boy home. This event in the book made Pony go through the three phases of the Hero’s Journey.

Ponyboy experiences the initiation when he and Johnny save the kids in the burning church of Jay mountain. When Ponyboy sees the burning church, thinking if its their fault, both Johnny and Ponyboy went into save the kids. However, Dally is holding them back so that they won't get out of the car. Dally said “Get back in here before I beat your head in”(90). In the Hero’s Journey, the first part of the initiation is when the hero has a challenge or obstacle in his way. When Johnny and Ponyboy get the last child out a big chunk of wood falls onto Johnny’s back. Johnny and Ponyboy are quickly taken to the hospital and Johnny is at critical condition. Johnny and Ponyboy are best friends and to see Johnny die in Pony’s face, he will be heart broken. The doctor says that Johnny may not make it and if he does he will be scared from the rest of his life. That would probably mean that Ponyboy wouldn’t be able to Johnny as much as he use to. Ponyboy not seeing Johnny is like taking away part of his heart.


Ponyboy continue to experience the initiation when Johnny died in the hospital. After the rumble Ponyboy has a concussion and Dally is driving him to the hospital. They also went to the hospital to see if Johnny was ok, then realizing that he died. Ponyboy narrates, “The pillow seemed to sink a little, and Johnny died”(148). In the Hero’s Journey,the second part of the initiation is when the hero has a big challenge in his way. In the Outsiders, when Johnny dies everyone is feeling unfortunate for the death of Johnny at such a young age. This event hurted a lot of people that are friends with Johnny, especially Dally. It was not fair that Johnny went in the church rising his and ponyboy’s life , just to save some kids. He should of lived and been honored for his and Ponyboy’s heroic actions. Now Ponyboy may be thinking of putting his own life down, now that all he wants and loves is gone. If Ponyboys didn’t run away from Darry’s slap then Johnny may still be alive today, because of a simple mistake everything was taken away from Pony.

Ponyboy experiences the return to everyday life when he writes his “theme” After Johnny and Dally die Ponyboy is sick from the concussion. Darry take him to the house to rest. Ponyboy says “Darry came back in with the soup, we were both asleep”(160). In the Hero’s Journey, the return to everyday life is when the hero solves all his problem and live life like the problem he had never happened. In the outsiders Ponyboy writes a theme for school. The theme was that he will take less for granted like his brothers. Since Pony ran away from the house because of Darry’s slap their relationship broke. As each day goes by their friendship is getting farther and farther apart. Then the rumble changed everything. In the rumble Pony got a concussion and


Dally drives him to the hospital to get better. After words Darry came in with a bowl of soup. This shows that Dally cares for Ponyboy and his not rejecting the offer,because he was asleep,probably meant that they had their relationship back. He was also wondering, since Pony still had something for Darry if he would appreciate him more and Darry giving him the soup to him meant that.

In conclusion, Ponyboy Curtis has gone through the three phases of the Hero’s Journey and is now back to his normal day life. During the three phases, separation from the unknown,the initiation, and the return from everyday life is what Pony has been through. These events make him a “hero”. Is it possible that a hero does not need to have super powers? For example batman does not have any super powers, and yet he is still a super hero. A hero just needs to be prepared for the future of the challenges. They benefit everyone by bringing back a gift

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