The Great Season

by Tilden E.

The sound of leaves falling when you wake up is like having a dream. When you go to a football game, you can smell the turf and its like your here to play the game. When you have football practice after it was done raining, you feel the dew on you shoes. When you have practice, you hear your coach whistling to huddle up. If you win the championship, you feel joy happening. The leaves on the trees are changing to red, yellow, and orange. The taste of grilled cheese with tomato soup is like heaven. When you take a walk with your family, you see the frost on the windows at night. When your playing outside, you see your neighbor raking leaves. When you wake up and your window is open, you smell this earthy smell. When you go outside, you can feel your hands freezing into an ice cube. When you play outside, just raked the leaves, you just want to jump into the leaves. When it gets freezing outside, you go inside and get chili. When you taste the chili, its like you can die for it. When you go out to eat, you get crispy chicken fingers and its almost better than Chinese food. I love this season.