light and dark sides

Angel with long curly chocolate brown hair. Angel of brown eyes and white pale cheeks, Angel whose the girl who looks as happy and complete. Is a girl who has gone through a lot. When having a step father and three siblings at home. lives in a small lonley neighborhood where no one ever goes. She wakes at 5;00 every morning to get ready the alarm clock shows. as every morning she takes the dog out first. When she slowly gets ready she doesnt want to go. before she leaves she wakes up her little brother and sister and her big sister also. she opens the door one step outside and she feels the cold.

Angel walking down the path to the road. Looks over the bridge and the bus lights glow. Today just like yesterday shes tired and doesnt want to go. Thinking about the and what she has to do finally end along with the bus ride too. angel hops of the bus, walking up the stoop, she sits and waits for her friend,Julissa because shes always happy and cheers up her mood, makes her day better while shes at school.

Angel inside that smile, a hundred tears wish to pour out and out. Inside those eyes shes seen things no one would ever dream.Inside all that hurt she wished to be happy. Inside those scars shes seen the bad side of the world the world she knows best. is the onlyu thing she would get just reject and neglect and no one cares to show any women respect.The only thing she cares to hear is the sound of the music in her ears. to make everything she sees brighter and clearer. The world outside is nicer not dimmer. All that she hears are sweet and sound, and the thoughts of only good memories.

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