Welcome to Abbey Road

1/ About the address

The most famous place on Abbey Road  is number 3. The Abbey Road Studio is a very famous recording studio

Abbey Road Studios is most notable as being the place in the 1960s for innovative recording techniques adopted by The Beatles, the Pink Floyd   and others.

Abbey road is also the name of a famous Beatles Album recorded in 1969.

Do you want to visit the place for real? Do you want to test your mixing skills, make music and be a virtual musician?

2/Did you know that.....?

The famous zebra crossing in front of the Abbey Road Studio is on a very famous Beatles album cover? (on Google Maps turn left to see it)

Find out what your 60s personality is. Would you have been a hippie, a rebel, a beatlemaniac ...?

3/Test your knowledge

a/Give the title of the album with the zebra crossing

b/From the left to the right give the names of the Beatles on the zebra crossing

c/"A hard day's night is a song"... but not not just a song... what is it ?

d/Name other famous artists who recorded their music in the Abbey Road Studio

e/What do people enjoy doing on the zebra crossing?

f/ What can you do in the "Inside Abbey Road" experience?

Now post your answers

(in "email" just write a fake address like euro@gmail.com )

4/Find the Mystery Tour object

4/Find the hidden object