Byzantine Empire

A European Empire


~eastern half of the Roman Empire

~285-1453 AD

~Religion: Eastern Orthodox


~Grew strong and lasted over 1000 years

~Capital was Constantinople

Impact on Russia

  • Religion: the Eastern Orthodox religion spread to Russia and was then called Russian Orthodox in that area
  • Trade: many ideas were spread like religion, mosaics, architecture and the cryillic alphabet


Justinian's Code: the laws of the Byzantine Empire that were based on the "Twelve Tables" of Rome; written by the great emperor Justinian; united old contriversial laws; became the basis for many European law systems

Art and Architecture: most of it supported the Christian Church

~Hagia Sophia: large Byzantine Christian church that is an important monument for the empire

Preservers of Greek and Roman culture: saved the knowledge, art and ideas of the old Roman and Greek cultures

Reasons the Empire Lasted so Long

  • organized government
  • did not get to be too big
  • minded their own business