Skills and characteristics needed to work in the IT industry.

What technical knowledge might you need to work in the IT industry.

To work in the technology industry there are many key aspects to you succeeding in the work area and holding down a job but the main points are vital.Having good communication skills is prime and being able to use email etiquette.Having a good attitude is important as you will be communicating with others all the time.Being able to use Microsoft and being able to brows the internet is the basics of working in IT.

Health and safety

Being at a desk all day looking at a computer screen can have some affects, sitting down for to long can cause back and neck pain which is why you should always stretch your legs every now and then.Looking at a computer screen can cause dry or watery eyes, itchiness and tiredness which is why you should always allow your self a brake. Working in a room with lots of wires can be dangerous, many people trip over wires daily in their work office so making sure that wires are tucked under something and out the way is important.

Planning skills

When working you must leave time for yourself to attend meetings, you must always be willing to learn new skills.Being sociable always helps you make new friends and then you learn tips off of the staff you will be working with.If you don't communicate with others in the work place it can be a hard place to work everyday, and following instruction is vital due to health and safety.Being organised will make your work much more easier,if you don't meet your deadlines your work can build up on top of you and you will find it very difficult to catch up on it all.Working in team and being able to work with different personality'sis important.It helps you finish your work quicker.

What numeric skills do you need?

You need basic math when working in IT, you will need to able to use ed excel and work formulas sometimes when working in IT.If you work in IT you will have to workout percentages of amounts.You will also have to have a creative mind,you ill need to make posters for different types of audiences and attract them.

What attitude will you need to work in IT

To work in IT you need to be independent and be able to take things into your own hands, having a good attitude and being willing will always get you far in the industry.being confident and being able to concentrate and not get distracted is important to stay on task and get work done.

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