VCR Vocabulary Set 4

By Bryson Getz

Sapient (adj.)
- Comes from the Latin root "sapere" which means "to taste," "to perceive," and "to be sensible or wise."
- Sapient means to be wise or insightful and is often used ironically.
- Bryson would often believe he was sapient in the subject of survival after reading a few books on it, but when thrust into a real survival situation, he discovered he didn't know as much as he thought.

Nerds often identify themselves by their sapience, but often think they know more than they actually do, not having any practical knowledge

Cognizant (adj.)
- Comes from the Latin roots "nosco," "noncore," "novi," and "notum" meaning "to get to know" and "to get acquainted with."
-Cognizant means to be aware or to have knowledge of something.
- Bryson was cognizant of the car following him as he drove through his neighborhood, so he drove in circles in a preemptive measure to not give away the location of his home.

The meerkat needs to be cognizant of their surroundings, always watching for predators so they can alert the rest of the pack.

Compute (verb)
- Comes from the Latin roots "puto," "putare," "putavi," and "putatum" which mean "to settle," "to consider," and "to reckon."
- Compute means to determine by mathematics.
- Bryson impressed many girls with his ability to compute the products of large numbers without the use of a calculator.

The abacus is an ancient tool used in China to compute basic sums.

Sagacious (adj.)
- Comes from the Latin roots "sagio" and "satire" which mean "to perceive acutely or keenly with the senses or mind."
- Sagacious means to be shrewd, to have good, or to be perceptive.
- Bryson gave his friend sagacious legal advice before he left the party, telling him that if the cops came, he should refrain from talking to them in order to not fall into the trap of incarcerating himself.

David Ramsey is known for his sagacity on personal finance, knowing tips and tricks to outsmart the credit card companies.

Prescience (noun)
- Comes from the Latin roots "scio," "score," "scivi," and "scitum" which mean "to know" and "to understand."
- Prescience is a knowledge of events before they occur, foresight, or foreknowledge
-With a prescience of whether his opponent would throw rock, paper, or scissors, Bryson was able to beat him nine times in a row at the row.

As a boxer, Muhammad Ali needed to have a prescience of when his opponents would throw punches so he could dodge them.

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