Saving Panda's

Threats to Panda's:Habitat

     Threats are causing the pandas to be endangered.Roads and railroads are replacing forest and habitats of where pandas live.”Forested destruction also reduces pandas access to bamboo they need to survive”.  Over the past 3,000 years habitat destruction has brought the total population down to 2,000 panda's in the wild. Fires are burning down the only place where they can have peace and quit.Logging is also destroying their natural habitat.

As Bamboo Forests Fade can Panda's Survive

     The Weather is ruining the pandas habitat. The climate is killing the bamboo for pandas to survive. The 99 percent of diet is from the bamboo that pandas eat and know it is leaving. Pandas are almost the most endangered animals in the world.Did you know that food is one thing that every natural living  thing needs to live. Why do people care about this, why is this a problem.

Opinion Piece

     I think Pandas should not be hunted down. It is becoming a crisis to theses animals. The people that most love the pandas are going to be so down when they come to the zoo and their cages are gone.In my research it says that they are the most important thing to nature.They fertilize and bring new trees to the world.We can have an agreement with the president of china and tell him that he could decrease the amount of trains that china is building and ruining the rain forest where the panda's food is.


Crisis:A time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.

Destruction:the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.

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