Career Research Project
Cade Humphries
Financial Planner

Necessary Job Skills

Must have good communication skills.

Must be able to meet with clients when they are available.

Must have a four year degree in finance.  

Must have good analytical skillls.

Must be able to stay on multiple tasks in a single time frame.

Future of Career

Large Occupation, ( 304,200 workers in 2010).

Expected to grow rapidly ( 4.1% a year).


Average salary per year is $72,000 ( $34.50 per hour).


Employers look for a four year degree in accounting, finance, economics, business, math or law.

Skills/Courses- College courses include investments, taxes, estate planning, and risk management.

Minimum Training-  Work experience as an accountant, auditor, insurance sales agent or lawyer.

Certification-  Licensing is required.

Reasons for choosing Career

I chose this career for many different reasons.  Some of the decision was based off my CVI testing, which concluded that I would chose a career that I would have power and responsibility in.  Giving people advice on how to plan their financial future is a position of power.

I also chose this career because I enjoy helping people.  Many people do not know how to plan their future investments and do not want to monitor them, so if I can get the education, I can help these types of people and make money doing it.

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