The Gorilla Foundation

By Hannah

This is Koko. She is a female gorilla. She had a cat named All-Ball. All-Ball got hit by a car one day and died instantly. Koko was very sad but she got a new cat. Koko is apart of a project called The Gorilla Foundation.                                                                                                                     The foundation brings gorillas from the wild to try to breed them. It was made in 1976. It's also called Project Koko. Their job is to get people to notice that they can't keep killing gorillas.The Gorilla Foundation is the only foundation that involves gorillas. Koko's name means fire cracker baby. Koko is now wanting to have her very own baby gorilla. I really hope she can have her very own baby gorilla!

Bye! Oh and here are some more photos of Koko.

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