The Star-Crossed Lovers Archetype

The Star-Crossed Lovers are characters that are engaged in a love affair that is fated to end in tragedy for one or both due to the disapproval of society, family, friends, or the gods.

Beauty and the Beast... this is a great example of the Star-Crossed Lovers archetype. This is one of my favorite renditions on screen.

The story of Beauty and the Beast utilizes a number of archetypes, but I have selected it for a comparison for the Star-Crossed Lovers.  The heroine of the story eventually falls in love with the "Beast" who is actually under a spell.  This story has been remade by several entertainment outlets including a Disney film, two tv series, and numerous Broadway and Ballet productions.

Roses are sometimes used in imagery for star crossed lovers.
Stars are also used to represent guidance and hope.

Examples of the Star-Crossed Lovers archetype in the stories that we read in weeks 1-4 were Calixta and Alcee in Chopin's The Storm.  These past lovers take advantage of a stormy day to rekindle a past love affair, even though they are both married to other people now.  The storm ignites their still burning passion and they take a chance.  You have the feeling that it would end badly if they were found out.  " "Do you remember- in Assumption, Calixta?"  

Another example would be Daisy Miller and Winterbourne in "Daisy Miller: A study".  Though Daisy and Winterbourne never get to prove their love for one another, it is clear that they have feelings for each other.  Her age and social status paired with her wild spirit make it a doomed  relationship from the start.  

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