I will be doing one day of a student's life in Thailand.

Here is some information about my student. My students name is Laddawadee Maroomdee. She is 12 years old and lives with her parents, sister, cousin and grandmother in Bangkok. Every morning the family prays at a shrine in our living room. Maroomdee's family calls her Noon for short. Noon's dad takes Noon and her sister go to school every morning.

Getting ready for school.

Every morning Noon would be awaken by her father and they would get ready for school. She would get dressed, eat, and then do a daily pray. In the living room shrine. Noon has recess, social studies or english,and she eats kluay tiaow, which is noodles and rice, or gai tawt, which is fried chicken.

During school

Noons first class is math or Thai language. She likes math, because she is good at it. Next, she has either social studies or English. At recess Noon plays with her friends and eats ice cream. After recess Noon has lunch and then three more hours of school. On Fridays Noon has physical therapy.

After school

Noon walks next door to her sisters school every day, after school.  besides Wednesday.  On Wednesday Noon has dance after school; they are learning about traditional Thai dances.   Noons dad picks them up after school every day. At home Noon Takes a shower and then help her grandma with Noons baby cousin.

Before and after dinner

On Noons', mothers way home from work, her mom buys dinner from a street vendor. If she cooks, Noon prepares the rice. After dinner Noon play on the computer or watches T.V. Before going to sleep, Noon prays that her family and friends will be healthy and happy.

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