BYOA: Build Your Own App

BYOA: Build Your Own App

simple steps to create an app for your school

Becky Odajima
June 11, 2014, 3:40-4:55 pm


Types of Apps

HTML 5 (Web Apps)

PROS: Universal for Any Device,

Cost Effective,

Easy to Build

CONS: No Access to Device Specific Functions,

Dependent on Internet Connection

Native Apps

PROS: Lightning Fast,

Access to Specific Device Functionalities,

Looks and Responds Great

CONS: More costly,

Only for Single Device

Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon

Purpose/Audience for your App

Time and Cost

App Building Sites

lots of choices, many step by step tutorials included

Sources of Content

electronic calendar (facebook, google, eventful, eventbrite)

social network accounts (twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram)

web links

email, phone, contact info

pdf documents uploaded to web

pictures or videos

Platform and Developer account needed

Web App - No developer account needed

Apple - $99 (annually)

Google - $25 (one time)

Amazon - free

Graphic editor for logos, splash screens, icons

Planning and creating your App

App Building Sites

Free Service Providers

The App Builder



Paid Service Providers


Shout Em

Appy Pie


App Factory

Demonstration Time